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A change of direction

One thing I have always been a big believer in is change.
Terrible job stressing you way more than they pay you or value you? Look for a new one.
New diet making you sick and miserable? Change to something that works for you
New business venture just not working out the way you hoped and your passion is completely lost? It’s ok to let go.

All of this said, I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself. Which paired with my anxiety, is kind of a nightmare.
I don’t want this constant pressure backed by the whole social media nonsense that we have to always be on and available. I don’t want to have to keep up with daily posts.. even weekly ones were draining.

It’s affected my mental health and quality of life for too long. Yes even while I wasn’t posting. That GUILT just hangs overhead for someone like me. It’s unbearable to carry that type of guilt and mental anguish for so long.

So I’m stepping back. I’ve been reassessing things and exploring new parts of me that… honestly I love a whole lot. That being said, if I feel like I want to write a pattern I will. If I don’t. I won’t. I’m not going to force myself to do something I’m just not feeling anymore.

I will continue to renew my domain. I will continue to maintain this site. I will continue to expand the crochet dictionary. And release more free patterns on here in the future if I so choose. I know I’ve gotten a lot of traffic due to my Plarn Market Bag pattern and I’m so happy about that. We all need to do our part and that’s a small change to make that costs us nothing but time.

That being said, we have been taking steps in my household to reduce our carbon foot print and reduce plastic waste over the past couple of years. We switched to laundry strips that are sent in a compostable envelope in the mail. We switched to wool dryer balls, which by the way are so great, you can customize what scent you want for each load by adding essential oils to the wool balls too!
I’ve been saving back plastic containers and glass jars for various uses around the house including planters and propagation jars for my plants.
I started a garden indoors! I can’t wait for it to warm up enough for me to set the plants outside. Composting is soon being introduced into our home as well as another major shift, this one for our cats. We are going to work to get a natural litter that works for our family and switch off the clay litters that are so harmful to our planet. We have even found a composter that breaks down natural litters and pet waste, so fingers crossed on that! I’m going to be doing a lot more research before I make any major purchase decisions though.

We have also started visiting the farmers market weekly. It’s been lovely and they have a wonderful program here where they will match SNAP benefits up to $25, giving those in need double their value. The local vendors we have met have all been a delight as well! Gourmet mushrooms, honey, shrubs, sauces, custom spice blends, microgreens, and so much more even in this winter market! Lately we have been seeing more meats and greens too. I can’t wait for the big summer market!

So I don’t go on forever rambling and losing track of the whole point of this post I’m going to wrap this up.
In summary, I’m still here but not in the same way. I’m just going to be me and live my journey and see where it takes me. I’ll share stuff along the way. Crochet related or not.

I hope you all have been doing alright. I know there is so much going on in the world right now along with us still being in the midst of a global pandemic. I just hope yall are doing ok and are holding strong. The stresses and anxieties that are arising now, for some for the first time, it’s not just you. You are doing the best that you can, so be kind to yourself and to others. It will all be ok. Just do your best and remember to be forgiving to yourself and to others.

Until next time



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