Weekly Update 4

Hey everyone!!

What a wild week! This will be a short post today because, well, it’s been a big holiday for my family and I have been BUSY!

This week I participated in 3 Thanksgiving dinners and been working concurrently on 2 different projects. I’ve also been filling out a TON of paperwork and am just about sick of it!

At least typing is easier on the hands than writing.

Perks of technology.

Today was my last Thanksgiving of the year. Though I am hoping to plan out and host a Friendsgiving of sorts, though it will be mid December, it’s just going to take a bit more work and planning. But today begins my weekend so I hope to get it going.

I had a great time seeing and catching up with family, some that I don’t see very often. I love you all!

I’m putting the finishing touches on that Flower of Life Jacket and I’ve been working on a tree skirt for us. I can’t wait to show you all! It’s made out of scrap yarn and I’ve been kind of creating my own pattern based on some pictures. I’m already in love with it! I will be finished with it soon! Hoping to get the tree up and decorated this weekend!

Like I mentioned above, this post isn’t going to be long. I had a lot of LIFE popping up and keeping me busy, but I do want to share a few things I’m thankful for with you before I go.

This is the time of year that many families come together, but not everyone has that…not everyone has a family that loves and accepts them, some have lost too many…

So I want to start by saying how thankful I am for my amazing family. It’s big, kinda crazy, and all over the place, but I love them all. Even those that I wasn’t able to see over the holiday.

This has been a hard one for a lot of my family, a lot has changed. We lost someone that was… just so incredible. I can’t even begin to describe her and what she meant to everyone. She was so much to so many that I can’t even begin to truly comprehend how much she meant to everyone. I’m already crying just trying to write this. So please bear with me.

Thanksgiving was always a huge thing on my dads side, my Aunt Janet had her own restaurant, and would close for the day and host the whole family there. We would have games, food, and lots of fun family time. She was an amazing cook too. Hell most of my family is full of incredible cooks.
Things have gotten harder, people have grown, moved, started families, and she lost the restaurant over something incredibly petty.
But she still managed to get us all together one way or another.

When she passed away… it was completely surreal and I still have difficulty even talking about it. I’m sobbing even now.
I can’t begin to imagine how much this has affected her husband, her kids, her grandkids, her great grandkids… her siblings. I just can’t even begin to imagine the grief. It’s something that I don’t think can be expressed…. just felt. Maybe I’m wrong.

Since then one of her daughters has had and survived a brain aneurysm. October 21st. She is a fighter like her momma and has been recovering and doing better each day. When that happened… again… it’s just surreal. I haven’t gotten to see my cousin since it happened, she is in a care facility pretty far from here but hopefully soon she will be transferred somewhere closer before getting to go home. I hope to see her soon. ❤

I’m so thankful that we still have her. If you’re reading this, and I’m sure you will eventually, I love you and I’m so thankful that you are still here. I’m so thankful that you’re my cousin. I’m so thankful that your mom was my Aunt. I love you all.

There is so much more I could say… that I want to say…. but.. that deserves a lot of thought and attention, so that is not for tonight.

Tonight, I want to say how thankful I am for my family. How much I love them, and how much I care about them even if we don’t see each other much or talk often. I still love you. I still cherish the memories we have together. I still cherish our bond.

I really hope everyone had a good holiday with their loved ones.
I hope that you are as thankful for every moment you have with family as I am.
I hope that you’re inspired to let your family know how much you love and appreciate them and their memories in your life.
I hope that you do feel this love, if not with your blood relatives, with your chosen family of friends and loved ones, your tribe.
If you haven’t found your tribe yet, keep being your best self, they will find you and embrace you.

Much love ❤
Until next time,

Shara Edwards


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