A change of direction

One thing I have always been a big believer in is change. Terrible job stressing you way more than they pay you or value you? Look for a new one. New diet making you sick and miserable? Change to something that works for youNew business venture just not working out the way you hoped and…

This week…

This week is trying. It’s exhausting. Full of stress. All of this being said. I couldn’t be happier to be able to go home at night after my long, trying, exhausting days to see my beautiful partner waiting for me.

Long time no see!

Hey guys! I’m happy to be back after a much longer than expected hiatus. ***And here’s a little disclosure, I started writing this post Sept. 1st 2020, things have changed a LOT since then so I never finished but I am keeping the post intact after debating for a while whether or not to start…

Weekly Update 5

Hey everyone, I know I’m late in sharing this update, though in my world it’s been going so fast I can’t believe we are almost midway through December! With that being said I would like to take this opportunity to let you all know that I will be going on a business hiatus.


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Hi! I’m Shara! Aspiring writer, fiber artist, creative spirit, music lover, home cook. Join me as I share my story, music, recipes and my designs.

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