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A change of direction

One thing I have always been a big believer in is change. Terrible job stressing you way more than they pay you or value you? Look for a new one. New diet making you sick and miserable? Change to something that works for youNew business venture just not working out the way you hoped and… Continue reading A change of direction


Weekly Update 3

Here we are, another week came and went. A particularly busy one for me. Only 32 days left until Christmas! I just can't believe how fast November has gone by!! So this past Sunday we celebrated my moms birthday. I baked her her favorite kind of cake and we gathered for time together, cake, and… Continue reading Weekly Update 3


This turned into a music post but I’m not really sorry.

I've been giving my website and blog a lot of thought and really trying to figure out what I should write about. I mean does it have to be 100% crochet related all of the time? Then I had my duh moment of... this is MY website, my blog, my decision. So yea we will… Continue reading This turned into a music post but I’m not really sorry.