Pattern Testing

Pattern Testing

Application Process

Thank you for your interest in being a pattern tester for Share Bear Crochet by Shara Edwards!

First, please fill out and submit this Tester Survey.

Then, print out and sign the 2019 Nondisclosure Agreement. Email the signed form to

Once you have done both of those things, head on over to the Share Bear Crochet Pattern Testing Community on Facebook and request to join!

A limited number of testers will be chosen for each pattern. If you are not selected for a particular pattern please don’t be discouraged or hesitate to apply for others in the future.

Factors that may impact your admittance into the testing pool:

  • your skill level doesn’t match the needs of the test
  • poor image quality on your Instagram
  • lack of crochet content on your Instagram
  • private Instagram account

Testing Process

Upcoming tests will be announced in the Share Bear Crochet Pattern Testing Facebook group. Announcements will include all necessary information such as:

  • product type
  • materials needed
  • skill level required
  • number of testers needed
  • deadline for feedback

If you are interested and able to fulfill the requirements of the test simply comment on the post.

If selected, you will receive an email from me and the first section of the test pattern. To receive the next section of the pattern you must send pictures of the completed section that you most recently received.

There will be an active announcement post in the group for each pattern that is currently out for testing. Use it to leave any feedback you feel may be necessary for the other testers to be aware of. Otherwise, you will provide feedback to me directly before the deadline via the pattern survey link I will provide.

Please only share WIP (work in progress) images of your test before the pattern is published. After the pattern is released on Share Bear Crochet you are free to post your finished project photos.