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Hey guys,
I’m writing to you today because I have a LOT of updates to share with you and some announcements even!

SO, many of you know that I was getting geared up to appear at a convention this June.

We have to talk….
It’s not as bad as it sounds though I promise!

Due to a lot of roadblocks, financial and otherwise, I’ve decided that pulling out of OMG!Con was the best decision.
I spent a great deal of time weighing my options and coming to this decision. Due to the time it takes to make each item, the amount of time left, and the amount of items that it would take to set up at a convention this size… it just wasn’t going to happen. Not while working full time and handling life in general as well.

Making this decision though, in the long run, is going to benefit my business.

Yes I’m losing out on sales at this great convention, and missing connections that could have been made… but you know what? Even if I sold everything I had I would probably be breaking even… if that… especially after factoring in the hotel room etc. Now, I’m going either way because we love the convention…but why half ass something this year when I can give it my all next year?

Why not start making revenue NOW instead of in 3 months after a LOT of unnecessary stress. Stress that is HORRIBLE for anyone’s physical and mental health….

Now I’m sure you’re wondering… what about all of the stock you’ve already made for the convention? What happens to that?!

All items will soon be listed in my etsy shop for purchase! I’ll be sure to update again to let you all know when that happens, but I’m hoping within the next week to have everything photographed and added.

Another force behind my decision has to do with how crazy motivated I have been to work on THIS aspect of my business!!

I have been given some tips, tools, tricks, advice, and the keys to the kingdom to BUILD something here. So I’m going to take the reins and be working on building my online presence, expanding my reach, and working on releasing some of my own designs!!

Exciting right?!?!

I’m also thrilled to say that very soon I’ll own my own domain and this will all feel much more “official”. I’ve done tons of research, read a million blog posts, and have finally decided on my plans for my business.

Now I want to talk about who has been helping me along my journey!

If you guys haven’t heard of the Crochetpreneur it’s time you learn more!! There is this lovely woman named Pamela Grice that is generous enough to share her years of knowledge and expertise to help others grow their crochet business into a REAL business. All of the resources and tools that she has shared have already helped me more than I can express at this point but I promise you’ll see it all pay off in the coming months! If you want to start your own journey, your own blog, or your own business I highly recommend starting by checking out all of the resources provided by Pamela Grice at Crochetpreneur. You won’t regret it!!

As for my right now…
I’ve started designing some for a future pattern release and have big plans for a lot more. The ideas have been flowing so get ready for some fun!!

I will be working fastidiously over the next couple of weeks to get closer to my very first pattern release!!

Until next time!


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