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My Crochet Story

Hey everyone!! I’m so excited to start this new journey into the world running a blog and small business!!
I’m not quite sure where to start, and this is my first time so I’ll just jump right in!

My name is Shara, and I’m a little obsessed with crochet…

It all started when I was 8, my mom was pregnant with my youngest brother and making him a baby blanket. I would sit and watch her work on it and asked if she could teach me. Somehow… I’m not sure how to be honest… but somehow my mother had the patience to teach me at 8 years old how to crochet. As if that wasn’t enough of a challenge in itself, she’s left handed and I’m right handed.  But she made it work!

When I was just beginning I didn’t know much other than the basic stitches, slip stitch, single crochet, and double crochet. I didn’t know how to read patterns or why it was important to count rows… and I dabbled a little here and there but never really finished anything. I put it down a lot over the years… I went a long time without ever touching a crochet hook. I had several mostly finished scarves… but I didn’t know what to do next… so I let it go.

Later in life, when I was in my early 20’s I lived with an artist, a painter. She found out I knew how to crochet and encouraged me to pick it up again, even went out and got me some yarn and a hook. I was honestly reluctant because someone was telling me what I should do. Though I dabbled and found a simple pattern for a scarf and this time I was determined to finish something. I’m happy to say that I did finish that scarf… though I wasn’t crazy about it.

Soon after I found myself working in a call center. It was extremely busy, mentally draining, and just exhausting in general. In the wintertime however, it slowed down immensely. Suddenly I’m sitting there at a desk waiting for calls to come in. I wasn’t the only one either! We still had the staff needed to handle our busiest season during the slowest part of the year. I was getting bored and tired of doing puzzles, word searches, sudoku puzzles and basically anything else I could think of. At the time I had also just discovered the magic of Minecraft and was on a server with some pretty creative people.

Between those two things… that’s how the obsession started. I know it sounds nuts but bear with me. On minecraft you can build things with blocks, and they can basically be placed anywhere as long as it’s adjacent to something else. Because of this people are able to build amazing structures, statues, and just works of art…. square by square. So I thought…. well… if I learn how to make a granny square, I can do the same thing with crochet. So I went online, found resources and taught myself how to read patterns and how to make a granny square. Then I got on minecraft and placed colored wool blocks to map out my design then started to crochet.

I brought it to work with me, making square after square until I eventually had the correct number in each color needed. Then I realized I had to figure out how to put them together. After a while I did, though there was a lot of trial and error and I still have not finished this project in its entirety. I still have it too. It was going to be a batman throw. Batman was intact but while weaving in ends (for the first time) I made a fatal error right in the center….. they were all already connected and I felt defeated. But I moved on and designed a runner for my mom’s bed for mothers day.

Since completing that project for my mom I have been hooked! I have been constantly finding new designs, patterns, stitches, and techniques and been working to improve my skill.

I’m happy to say after the past almost decade of learning, working, teaching, and creating I’ve accomplished so much and I’m ready to start my own small business! I’ve already designed a few patterns and intend on writing, testing, and publishing them this year. I’ve also been confirmed as a vendor at a convention this summer!!

I can’t wait to share all of my work with you all and look forward to hearing your feedback!!
Check out my links section where I already have some of my work posted online for others to enjoy! Stay tuned for more!!


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